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Service Call Angie-Bot

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07/15/2016 | 29:15 | Categories:

Starring Angela Sommers, Kendra James

Angie-Bot 6000 has overloaded while masturbating! Servo-Bot Kendra 1000 has been sent to her rescue, to fix her malfunctions. After testing her with the special smooth chrome plated diagnostics probe, she reaches inside Angie-Bot 6000 pussy to reboot her from her main core switch. Angie Bot is rebooted! Now all Servo-Bot Kendra has to do is check her sexual stimulation actions and responses. She gets Angie-Bot to strip down, to perform oral sex, finger penetration, all of the top of the line Sex functions that Angie-Bot has installed inside her and is programmed to perform perfectly whenever asked. Although Angie-Bot is top of the line , she keeps malfunctioning! Over and over again she keeps malfunctioning, and poor Servo-Bot Kendra has to keep rebooting her system so that she can get her pleasure on!

Service Call Angie-Bot

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