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Callidora The Beginning

(Avg Rating: 5)

05/25/2016 | 19:000 | Categories:

Starring Angela Sommers, Randy Moore

Callidora needs her "do-gooder" serum, and fast, she is turning fast into evil Callidora! Luckily Golden Girl comes to the rescue and unties Callidora from her binds quickly , but not quick enough. She is too late, Callidora is now drug free, and evil as ever! She attacks poor unsuspecting Golden Girl from behind and takes her down, playing with her newest victim. Now Golden Girl is helpless to Callidora as she ties her up good and tight, stretched out for her to play with as she pleases, delightfully playing, licking, nibbling sucking and rubbing all of Golden Girls sensitive spots, her tits, her breasts, her pussy, everything till she screams with pleasure. Callidora fingers Golden girl vigorously till she cums hard, then unsuspectingly leaves Golden Girl all tied up so that she can have her as a snack later on. But Golden Girl is slick and will find her way out of her binds.....

Callidora The Beginning

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